Adoption status
approx. Jan 2009
about 60 lbs

Pronounced “Gree Gree”, this chocolate beauty has probably one of the saddest stories we’ve ever encountered. We received a plea for help from some friends in the New Orleans area.  A dog had been spotted in a rough part of town, hanging from a pole by her front legs that were bound together.  Only her back feet were touching the ground and she had been hanging from this pole in a field for three days in the blistering Southern heat.  By the time we decided to jump in and help, thankfully a very very brave woman who was passing thru the neighborhood, saw this poor dog and cut her down.  The first thing this dog did was kiss the woman non-stop, this before she even drank the water that was offered to her. Finally she gulped down gallons of water in one sitting. We then drove to the Louisiana to complete the rescue mission.  It was there that we learned of her new name: Gris Gris.  A :”gris gris” is a good luck charm that wards of evil spirits in the world of VooDoo.  How appropriate.  Gris Gris is the absolute poster girl for the ultimate Pit Bull.  After all the abuse and torture she endured at the hands of a human, she has completely forgiven mankind and is the most kissy faced, wiggly butt dog you will EVER meet.  She LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES to play ball and throw her toys up in the air.  She is a high drive dog and full of piss and vinegar.  So despite her loving personality and temperament, she will still need an experienced dog person due to her energy level and dog aggression. A personal note from me.  If I didn’t already have my own dogs, I would sooooo adopt this dog for myself.  She is an absolutel doll and so full of life.  A special thank you to Merrie Pearl and Tanya O’ Reilly of Louisiana who were the saviors who stepped in to help this girl get to us safely.  If you’re looking for a little good luck in your life, then this is your dog.

  • Not good with cats
  • Not good with dogs
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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