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It’s tragic enough when we find an injured dog on the street. But when you find one whose injuries were a result of their owner’s negligence, it makes it all that harder to accept.

After one of our wolfdogs alerted us, Gracias was found next to our fenceline at our Texas wolfdog sanctuary.  After doing some digging, it was discovered that her owners (our neighbors) had run her over by accident. She had “run off” and they couldn’t find her.  Umm…okay…..

After the neighbors relinquished ownership to us, we raced her off to the vet.  Our local Texas vet did not have the supplies necessary to do her surgery (shortage of supplies/deliveries due to COVID) so we then made the decision to drive her to Louisiana (on pain medication) and into the awaiting arms of Cypress Lake Animal Hospital/Dr. Kristen.

Gracias has gone through multiple surgeries to handle all of her injuries.  Currently she cannot walk without the assistance of 3 staff members at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital where she will remain until she is completely healed.  Her medical expenses are obviously going to be through the roof but in the end, I know we will end up with a sweet and loving pooch that will be ready for a new home of her own.

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