Adoption status
Nov 1st 2007 (approx)
Big German Shepherd Size
Some training

When you go to look at a house for rent, the norm is to check out the bedrooms, see if the carpeting is clean, etc.  Well in our case, we had traveled out to a quaint little river town about an hour outside of New Orleans to rent a little place.  When we entered, yes indeed the carpets were clean but this house also came with its very own German Shepherd.  Apparently the former tenant had been evicted and due to finances and nowhere to go, left his dog behind.  So it was like a sign.  I mean how many rentals come with their own dog?  So Gerry remains with us now and is looking for his "own rental".       Here is a video of Gerry in action:          He is VERY well trained and knows most of his basic obedience.  He is EXCELLENT in the house and completely house broken and crated trained.  But like many Shepherds he does have that "protective" nature at times so any potential adopters need to be aware of this.  He does have to be the only animal in the home and because of his "protectiveness" we need him to go an adult home.  Don't get me wrong he is very very friendly but…when in his home or car, he is aware of what is going on around him and just wants to keep things in order. He also LOVES LOVES LOVES his toys and to play ball. He also likes to butt into your phone conversations and we swear he understands human talk.  Gerry is an absolute goofball and is so entertaining.  This is one awesome dog!!!

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