GATOR aka Al E. Gator

Adoption status
Passed Away
May 16, 2007
about 65lbs.

He was our first rescue in New Orleans.  We had gotten several 911 calls about a stray dog living in a field in the Lower 9th Ward.  He had been there for months.  No one could get near him.  If cornered, he acted "aggressive" out of fear but what was very apparent was that he was very very sick. We were to eventually find out that he was filled with heartworm and also slowly dying from lungs filled with fluid. The Villalobos family kicked into action and safely and stress free, were able to "capture" this old guy.  No one knows how long he truly has been trying to survive on the streets.  Some locals feel he's a Katrina survivor and has somehow managed to live on his own all these years.  Others say he's "just too pretty to be a stray" and must've been someone's companion.  We will never know his past story but what is certain….is that his future will be happy and finally safe with us. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Gator is the poster boy for “grumpy old man” so because of this he is not available for one on one/contact visits.

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