Adoption status
Approx. 2013

Just another throwaway breeding dog.  They made their money off of her and then tossed her into the mean streets of New Orleans.

You see, Beagles are the MOST abundant and used and abused dogs of the South.  What I mean by this is that in a part of the country where hunting is prominent, hound dogs are everywhere.  And with Beagles being small and so willing to please their owners, they are easily hoarded and collected by “hunters” who keep them caged up until hunting season.  They then turn them loose to “do their job” and of course being excited to be out and running free, some of these little cuties just keep on running. Can you blame them?

But in this old gal’s case, she was overly bred and was found by a good Samaritan, with tumors hanging off of her body and extremely heartworm positive that our vet was amazed that she was still alive.  Flossie has many medical issues and only time will tell how healthy we can get her.  But she’s got the courage of a Pit Bull and the heart of the bunnies she probably chased for years.  She wants to make it!

Flossie is currently going through heartworm treatment which means we just added her to our “Have a Heart” program. This means when you sponsor her for $20/month or more, these specific donations will go towards her heartworm treatment and as a show our our appreciation, we will send you a free “Have a Heart” t-shirt.

Become a part of Flossie’s pack.  Arroooooooo!

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