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This beautiful Lab is probably one of the worst emotionally abuse cases we’ve ever encountered. In October of 2021, we answered a call to help some abandoned and horribly neglected “hunting dogs” in Northern Mississippi.

While most were Bloodhounds and Hound mixes, there was one terrified Labrador.  When we carried him out of the shelter, he drooled and peed all over himself.  He shook uncontrollable in the crate and on the ride home.

Add to his mental state, he was the worst when it came to heartworm disease.  His is a severe case and we have begun treatment.  But sadly, we think his medical condition will heal long before his emotional one does.  While we would love to find him a home some day, he is going to be with us for quite awhile until we can find that special someone who has patience and the knowledge to handle a dog in this condition.

We are positive when that person comes along, he will be the most loyal dog you will ever.

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