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Passed Away

 I received the call around midnight.  The local animal shelter had raided a suspected hoarder out in the middle of the desert.  They needed every rescue person in the area to come and assist.  When I arrived, it was a scene out of a movie.  Over 400 dogs in knee deep freezing mud in the almost below freezing temperatures of the Mojave Desert night.  As I walked up and down isles of dogs in dilapidated pens, barking and begging for help, I was overwhelmed with what I was seeing.  

And there she was…this tiny little Pit Bull, buried up to her stomach in mud so cold that my own feet were frost bitten.  It took me about 30 minutes to dig her out and I honestly don’t know how she survived. We rescued who we would call “Ellie” along with several other dogs.  Some have gotten adopted and Ellie (and Whiz) still remain with us after all these years.

Unfortunately Ellie is now in her Golden Years and has become a grumpy ole’ lady who has some grumpy ole’ lady behaviors. And for this reason we are no longer able to adopt her out but she is available for sponsorship and if you happen to come and visit us in New Orleans, she would love to go out for a walk with you.


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