Adoption status
December 7, 2007 (approx)
this blue beauty is going to be alllllllll legs

Egypt owes her life to the compassion of an L.A. County Deputy. Working in the tough city of Lennox, stray Pit Bulls are lucky just to be that….stray. Most end up dead from illegal dog fights, hit by a car or starved on the streets. This little pup found her way into the parking lot of the sheriff's station where she lived under the patrol cars for days until this dog loving deputy brought her to us. A beautiful blue brindle young lady, she now awaits for the safety of your home.

Egypt is best suited to an quiet, adult household as she can be fearful of new situations. She is one dog here that we would consider placing in a multi animal household as she is so great with cats and dogs (particularly small dogs), she also crate trained. But her household needs to be quiet without a lot of people coming in and out.

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  • Dog-friendly
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