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You would never know by looking at her smile, that Cutie Pie came out of one of the worst natural disasters to hit the state of Louisiana.  Back in 2016, a third of the state succumbed to yet another attack by Mother Nature.  Days of heavy rain flooded out 1/3 of the state with waters rising up to 9 feet.

Dubbed the “Great Flood of 2016”, many lost their lives, homes, and were displaced forever.  Animals were left confused as to what was happening to them and Cutie Pie’s situation was one of them.

We got the call that a group of Pit Bulls had been abandoned in their kennels on a remote property and as the waters rose, the dogs were caught up against the tops of their kennels, unable to swim out.  Some of the dogs did not make it out alive while some were able to push the fencing away to escape.

Cutie Pie was one of those.  After receiving much medical care, she blossomed into a happy go lucky dog but…..she does have one serious behavioral issue that warranted our decision to not adopt her out.  So she will remain with us for the rest of her life and as you can see by the grin on her face…she’s pretty friggen happy!

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