Adoption status
Approx. 3 years old

Crowley is an “inmate” at our Underdogs Prison Dogs Program at Rockview Prison in Bellefonte, PA.  We hope that “doing time” will put him on the right path to being a “good boy”  But then again, aren’t the bad boys so much more fun?

This boy has my heart and lived with me (Tia Torres) before getting sent to the “big house.”  But it wasn’t because he was naughty or doing anything wrong. It was actually because he craved attention from both humans and dogs.  He is truly the life of the party.  Don’t tell him I said this, but I actually miss the knucklehead!

Crowley (named after the city that he was rescued in) is the class clown.  He loves life, loves adventure and I have never seen him in a “bad mood.”  He is always happy.  He loves being around other dogs and every human he has ever met.  We aren’t sure about cats at this time, but hounds aren’t always the best with “small critters,” due to their inherent trait to “hunt.”

One of my favorite things about him is he is a true road dog.  He LOVES traveling and he and I have actually had some pretty amazing adventures together.  He even helped me deliver a wolfdog to a rescue in Ohio!

While in prison, he has learned some amazing training commands and tricks BUT he still has the true hound personality. So anyone interested in adopting him must be ready for his silly antics.  He is also spoiled rotten now and his hunting days are past him, so he is an indoor dog ONLY.  I will NOT adopt him out as a hunting dog or a dog that lives outside.  While he does enjoy outdoor fun time, he wants to be in the house with you and he is perfectly crated-trained.

And if he’s not “paroled” soon, I have no problem whatsoever with putting him on “house arrest” right back here with me.  He’s such a good boy in a bad kinda way, haha!

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