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Cory is one of our 40 plus Katrina dogs. Like so many of the dogs from this disaster, they all have their unbelievable stories. Cory was a part of the "Lamar Dixon" group. This was the location in Louisiana where the majority of all the Pit Bulls were kept: approx. 5000 in total. As the rescue efforts went on for weeks and into months, people came and picked out the dogs they wanted to save. Animal shelters and dog rescue organizations joined in. As the animal rescue efforts were winding down, the final group of the Lamar Dixon dogs remained unwanted. These were the ones dubbed, the worst of the worst, the bottom of the barrel as called by one rescue groups. But Cory is by far one of the Best of the BEST!!!!

Cory's was barely alive when a young girl came to his rescue. She called me directly to tell me step by step how she came to find Cory,weeks after Katrina hit. She was walking thru a neighborhood which she described as a cemetery. She said that dead bodies of animals lay strewn all over the streets. She said you could smell the rotting flesh in the southern heat. There was not a single human being around. She said it was dead silent. Then off in the distance she heard a barking dog. It was a high pitched bark and to her it sounded like a little dog or maybe a puppy. She followed the sound into a high school which of course was completely destroyed, abandoned and very spooky. The whimpering lead her to a supply closet and there she found him, barely alive but very happy to be saved. Cory was a skeleton with a wagging tail. We would love nothing more than to complete Cory's life with a forever home. He is non-stop fun and so full of life. His horrible past has finally left him and he's ready for the future. A future with you.

* Cory is crate trained

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