Adoption status
7/08 (approx)
Big Boy about 70lbs

Cooper comes to us all the way from the great state of Texas…..except Texas wasn't so great to him. Found by a good samaritan along the side of a highway, in the middle of the Texas summer, dehydrated, emaciated and unable to move, if not for her he would've died right there on the spot. Not knowing where to go with him, she heard about an animal sanctuary near by. Taken there, Cooper would soon find himself among some strange friends. It was the good folks of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue Center. Cooper soon found himself living among monkeys, tigers and all sort of exotic roommates. It was by chance that we met Cooper when we traveled out to Texas to pick up the "Porcupine Pits" (see their story on our Sponsored Dogs page). Cooper is a fun happy guy who loves to play & explore. So if you're looking for a good ole country boy, then Cooper is your guy. He gets along great with other dogs. He's also quite the mischeivious lad, so he's not going to do well stuck outside in the yard all day as he'll most likely find his way out 🙂

  • Not good with cats
  • Dog-friendly
  • Good with kids 10 years old and up
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