Adoption status
Approx June 2015
Approx 35lbs

She’s complicated. But then again, aren’t the pretty ones always like this? Haha!

Cheese Nip is one of many Treeing Walker Hound mixes that we’ve had to rescue from the remote areas here in Assumption Parish.  With hunting being a way of life here in Louisiana,  during hunting season, many of these dogs got lost or are dumped when the hunters no longer have a need for them.  Cheese was one of those based on where we caught her.

Cheese Nip is a striking dog and I mean that in a good way.  Her prettiness is unique as is her personality. She can be a little reserved upon first meeting you but once she is comfortable with her surroundings she becomes bold and rather confident.

She is picky about her dog friends and there is no way to predict who she will like or not.  Hmm…that sounds like me! Haha!  If there is going to be a dog to dog meet n’ greet, we are recommending a calm male dog.  So several blind dates may be in Cheese Nip’s future.

When it comes to kids and cats, we will make that determination upon request. Being that she is a hound, prey drive for smaller animals is normal so we really do not recommend placing hounds with cats although at times, we have seen success.  But with Cheese being somewhat shy at times, older children might be best.  She just doesn’t like chaos in her life.

So what does Cheese Nip need?  A home in the suburbs or country. City life is not for her.  A quiet home where she can be someone’s house companion and if there is a yard, it will need a secure and high fence.  Her gazelle like structure makes her the ultimate athlete and may be a candidate for scaling a fence.

Did we mention she was complicated?  And for this reason, we realize that Cheese Nip will be a difficult candidate for adoption but if only someone would give her a chance, something tells me that she would become the perfect companion.



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