Adoption status
November 15, 2008
50 lbs and thick

Dubbed one of the “Hempstead Hopefuls”, Carmella was one of several dogs confiscated during a dog fighting bust on Long Island, New York. Though the rest of Carmella’s buddies are recovering pretty well, she is not.  Though very sweet and ever so gentle, she was the one that was most traumatized. Carmella can be shy and at times, just a little bit scared.  But with a gentle word and a little coaxing, she will curl up into your lap and seek out the comfort of someone to protect her. Carmella will need a quiet home with adults only.  Its not that she isn’t good with kids but that she just needs a peaceful environment to help forget the demons from her past. And despite Carmella’s “tough” outer appearance, she is the softest, mushiest sweetheart you’ll ever meet.

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