Adoption status
Oct. 2004 approx.
he's a short and squatty

This wiggly waggly guy was one of our many Katrina dogs. But what is so sad about little Bullet is that we're positive that he had a wonderful owner.  You see he was found with this beautiful custom embroidered collar symbolizing being a proud Louisiana dog owner.  But sadly we could never find Bullet's owners.  Like so many of our Katrina dogs, some owners got scattered across the country and some sadly died in the murky waters of the Southern state.  Bullet is one of those dogs that desperately wants to be a family dog again.  

This short and stocky little southern gentleman is so polite and well behaved.  Never have we seen a dog so longing for a family of his own, though we lost all hope in finding his New Orleans family, we are hoping to find a new family to fill that void, please don't let him be one of the forgotten Katrina dogs.

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