Adoption status
Approx Jan 2015
Pit Bull
Approx 50lbs

She is one of the first dogs to greet us when we all get to work in the morning, and she is always wagging and happy…or maybe just excited for her breakfast 🙂 One of our employees found her wandering around, and she was more than happy to hop right into the car. It was in the early hours of the morning, and that is how she got her name, which we happen to think is adorable.

She is all about people and very friendly during our public tour. She is energetic, but can calm down. She plays fetch, knows sit, and does come when called. She is a great mix of playful and affectionate! She has just the right amount of confidence and doesn’t seem phased by much. She has a big personality, and requires an owner with some prior dog experience. Apply for this cutie pie and she will be the best part of waking up!!

  • Not good with dogs
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