Adoption status
Jan. 1, 2016
Pit Bull

Dumped by her owner as a puppy, Boujee (our name for her), he felt that due to her horrible skin condition (turned out to be demodex which is simple to cure),  she was “no good for breeding.”

Although demodex is curable most of the time, it is a time consuming process.  By the time we were able to get Boujee fully healthy (including heartworm treatment) sadly she began to display signs of kennel stress.  Add to all of this, she was an active dog with lots of energy so her adoptability became lower.

But all of the above is absolutely fixable and Boujee has been paired up with one of our parolee/prison dog program graduates.  She is currently receiving daily “one on one” training and attention.

The ultimate home for Boujee would be someone who enjoys that working dog mentality, meaning a dog that enjoys doing things.  She has great toy drive and is super into her training.  I love dogs like this!

Boujee is dog-friendly but we are saying no small children at this time due to her play behavior with toys.  We wouldn’t want the four-legged child and the two-legged child getting their toys mixed up.  And when this girl wants her toy…she will take it and little kids as well as dogs, don’t differentiate the difference.

Boujee is ready to conquer the world and prove to everyone that she’s got what it takes.  She is Girl Power all the way!

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