Adoption status
Approx April 2012
Pit mix
Approx 35lbs

Itty bitty Blaze…he may be small but his heart is mighty! We cannot understand for the life of us why he is still here. He is damn near perfect! He loves to ride in the car and sits like a gentlemen looking out the window. He is sweet and confident and loves meeting new people. He is affectionate but not pushy, and can hang on his own if he needs to. He is such a great size and easy to lift if that ever became necessary. He is kid friendly! His crooked little mouth is beyond adorable, we don’t know how anyone can pass up looking at that face every day forever. Blaze is getting up there in age, but it has not slowed him down a bit. So if you are looking for a mature man who still likes to have a good time, he is the one for you!

  • Dog-friendly
  • Kid-friendly (all ages)
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