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Pit Bull

Her story is one of the cruelest we’ve ever had to tell. What started off as a complaint about some crying puppies in the rain, turned into the house of horrors.  While we waited outside the house for the Sheriff’s Dept to show up,  the children in the home were playing in the backyard, running around and throwing a ball like nothing was wrong.

Upon entry, the puppies were noticed immediately.  They were sitting in a little cage filled with rain water in the middle of the mud.  It was then that my daughter-in-law noticed what looked like a dead dog.  Asking the kids and the mother, “How have you not noticed a dead dog laying in your yard???”….they all claimed ignorance, and the ole “I don’t know.”  It was then that my daughter-in-law and the deputy gasped in shock.

The little blue Pit Bull’s back leg barely moved.  It was like she was trying one last attempt to reach out for help.  One little wiggle of her leg told us that she was still alive….barely.

The deputy had us confiscate the dogs and the owners were charged with animal cruelty.  The mama dog and puppies were rushed to the vet and what we encountered there broke our hearts.  The puppies were in decent shape/weight.  With the exception of parasites and being underweight, it was their mama that had kept them alive, sacrificing her own well-being to do so.

It took about a year but Bisous is now healthy and has put all of her abuse behind her. She is ready for a home of her own where she won’t be forgotten in some dirty backyard.  She is the most outgoing, loving life kind of dog you will ever meet. Her name (pronounced bee-soo) means kisses in French and that’s all she wants to give.

The girl with the beautiful eyes is going to need to be the only fur face in the home.  I mean, after all the abuse she suffered, can we blame her for wanting all the attention?



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