Adoption status
Approx Feb. 2013
Little about 45lbs

This is our “country cutie”.  Bilbo is one of many “Cajun Canines” that we take out of the Parish Jail/shelter here in Assumption Parish where we now have a facility in the works.  Brought in as a stray, we don’t know much about him expect that he is short, stout, and so friggen cute that you want to squish him (in a hugging sense) 🙂

More than anything he loves to play with his toys…MORE THAN ANYTHING…hahaha.  For this reason, we are recommending no small children and only because he tends to think ALL the toys are his and has not learned “Power Ranger action figures from a Kong toy”.  But he is very affectionate with all who want to receive it.

So far he has been decent around dogs but we still have more work to do in that department as he sometimes gets too rowdy and then when the other dog reciprocates, he gets annoyed.  So little “Bilbo Baggins” is still learning how to “play nice”.

We cannot say it enough but this little “Swampie” (that’s what we call the dogs from our Assumption Parish location), is probably one of the most adorable dogs we have at VRC (shhh….don’t tell the rest).   He is not only a favorite among the workers but with the tourists too as he is in the main part of the facility where the tourists walk through.

Our founder, Tia Torres keeps saying…”if no one adopts this dog soon….I may just have to steal him”.  Yup, he’s that adorable.

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