Adoption status
Pit Bull

He is the heart throb of Villalobos.  He is one of our volunteer favorites.  Women swoon over him, men want to be him yet…Bartolo still remains with us.

As you can see in his profile, we have his younger Tinder pics as well as his distinguished gentleman ones.  Yes, he has been with us for years and for whatever reason, has been bypassed for adoption on multiple occasions.  I can only guess it was because he was quite the hell raiser in his younger ginger years.  If he had been human, he would’ve been exactly the kind of dude that I would’ve married…and probably divorced.  There is just something about a bad boy.

But Bartolo has finally settled down….a little.  For a 9ish years old dog, he still has some pep in his step and loves his toys…ANY KIND!  I mean what boy doesn’t love his toys right?

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