Adoption status
Approx. 2017
Pit mix

This sweet girl is yet one of the hundreds of “drop-offs” that we get at our New Orleans location.  Her owner dumped her and siblings stating “they just didn’t want them anymore”   They were merely puppies.  I mean “no more?”  They only had them for a matter of weeks.

So we took them in and while Avila’s siblings got adopted out, she remained behind but we were hopeful.  That is until her life was put into a harrowing experience.

In the late Spring of 2018, our worst nightmare came true.  With having a TV show, we always worry about people wanting our dogs for the wrong reasons, for example, a “trophy” or for “bragging rights”.  And believe it or not, our dogs become celebrities themselves and people have been known to obsess over them.   So it was late April of 2018 when a Pit Bull rescue group that we had been helping, DOGNAPPED Avila and four of our other dogs.   It took us months of searching the country but thanks to a dedicated police department and the dog rescue community who kept their eyes open, all of our dogs were finally rounded up and returned to us.

But this all came with a price not only for the dogs but for VRC as well.  It ended up costing us $125,000 in legal fees but we were finally able to get the DOGNAPPERS arrested and charged and they are currently awaiting trial.  And yes, all of the dogs suffered emotionally and some physically but like the true Pit Bulls that they are….they are all so resilient!

But Avila and her friends are now finally able to get a home of their own!

Avila is a doll face of a dog.  Despite being through Hell and back, she is sweet and gentle but at times can have a little apprehension over situations that she encounters so she will need a human companion that can make her feel confident again.  Avila does get along with other dogs but she has had her “tiffs” with them as well.  So it will just depend on the other dog in the home (if you have one) and your dog knowledge when it comes to handling a multiple-dog home environment.

But even if you’re just looking for a sweet companion, Avila is your girl.  She’s been through so much.  Please help us to find her happy forever after.

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