Adoption status
Approx Jan 14th 2013
Tiny now...will probably be a medium sized dog

Dubbed as one of the “UPS” pups, her life started so horribly. But thanks to a UPS driver named “Paul”, Angela and her siblings were saved. It was a rainy day and Paul was driving through the Lower 9th Ward area of New Orleans. He slowed down to avoid a puddle and that’s when he heard the desperate cries of the pups. He stopped his delivery truck and followed the sounds into a field where the grass was so tall, he had to push his way through. That’s when he saw one of the most heartbreaking sights he had ever laid eyes on. A litter of 9 emaciated puppies, barely weaned, all screaming for help. He ran to his truck and gathered them all up and placed them in a cardboard box and then remembered “the Pit Bull rescue over the bridge”. One more night in that field and they would’ve never made it. But now they are all healthy, happy and full of … know what and ready for their new homes. Angela is a demure little girl. Though she still has typical puppy antics, she would do best in a quiet home with another dog who is calm and gentle. Despite her being “coy”, she definitely got the looks out of the bunch. This little angel is ready to find that soft pillow to sleep on….in your home.

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