Adoption status
October 2013
Pit Bull mix
60 lbs approx.

One of our original “Swampies”, Abel, came out of the Assumption Parish Jail dog’s location. When we first took on this area, we were new to the dangers of the country and swamp regarding dogs’ health. Besides dealing with heartworms, Abel became our “guinea pig” when it came to introducing us to one of the most deadly diseases in the canine world here in the South. After coming down with a “sickness” we couldn’t figure out, our vet finally determined that Abel was the first case of “Chagas” that had just come into the South Louisiana area from South America.

After almost two years of treatment, he finally kicked the killer disease and is ready to live life as a companion dog. This “fuzzy” Pit mix (some say he has Chesapeake Retriever in him) is such a big ole goofball. We are trying to teach him manners around other dogs, and he’s still working on them. Abel has lots of energy and will need a big yard or someone who is on the go.  And because he has only lived in the country, he is a bit shy when out and about around noise.  So either he will need to be a country boy for the rest of his life, or he will need someone with patience to show him how fun the rest of the world can be. He’s just a fun dog, and let’s face it: he’s pretty darn cute!

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Abel also has a Virtual Adopter, which means his adoption fee has been paid. He is also a part of our senior program, which means VRC will cover all of his expenses, including any new medical, for the remainder of his lifetime.  Be sure to check out his YouTube video profile at: www.youtube.com/@VRCDogs

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