Thank you for applying for a Villalobos dog.  Because you have chosen to rescue a dog this makes you a pretty special person by our standards.  But because we are receiving hundreds of applications, it is taking some time to go through them so we hope you understand when we ask you to be patient.  Also because most of our applicants are out of state, we have to be extra…EXTRA careful to make sure we get the right match with you and your potential new four legged friend.  So here is how the process works:

1.  We review the online application (link located at the top of the Dogs For Adoption page)
2.  One of our adoption counselors will either call or email you to go over your application and discuss which dogs might fit your situations and family lifestyle.
3.  At this point, our adoption counselor may ask you to email photos of your home and yard.
4.  A homecheck will be arranged and one of our representatives will get in touch with you to visit your home in person
5.  We will then help you narrow down which dog is best for you. We will no longer fly dogs.  We will personally drive them to your home.  For out of state adoptions, we will waive the adoption fee and adopter must cover all of our traveling expenses.  This usually ranges anywhere from $500-$1000.

6. We will adopt certain dogs out of state in there is an existing dog in the home but you HAVE to bring it to New Orleans to meet potential matches.