Adoption status
Approx May 2009
Approx 55lbs

Suzy is a Bloodhound/Lab mix. Originally from Alabama, her former owner took her in when she became homeless.  Together they moved into a small but quaint travel trailer in an RV park in rural Louisiana.  This is where we met them under unfortunate circumstances.

Thru animal control, we got the call that an “aggressive” dog was running loose and “attacking”.  Once we arrived on scene, all we found was a scared and demure sweet pooch, hiding in the travel trailer.   Apparently, Suzy had gotten out of the travel trailer as well as another dog owned by someone else and a fight broke out.  No one was hurt but law enforcement was called in and Suzy was forced out of her home, leaving a very broken hearted elderly man alone.

She is an absolute Southern Belle.  Gentle, polite and very poised.  Suzy will require a quiet home.  She doesn’t seem to care if other dogs are around or not, so she would be fine as an only dog.  But if she were to have other canine company, he or she would have to be a large breed and a well behaved and calm dog.  All Suzy wants to do is cuddle on the couch with her human.

Right now Suzy is being fostered by two of our employees (who also just happen to be from Alabama)  Even though there is a lot of “Roll Tide” happening in that house….this true lady would welcome anyone from any state.  She just loves people.

This girl is an absolute gem.

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